What’s new and what’s next for Microsoft Search at Microsoft Ignite

October 3, 2019
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Microsoft Ignite is just 33 days away and we’re excited to share a number of opportunities for you to learn about Microsoft Search at the event.

Search Learning Path

Microsoft Search is offering a dedicated learning path at Microsoft Ignite to help you get up to speed on the latest announcements, roadmap, and more.

A Learning Path is a series of connected learning modules that include sessions, hands-on experiences, technical workshops, certifications, and expert connections. Each Learning Path works together to build upon what you’ve learned to provide a comprehensive set of skills to help you reach your goals.

What’s in the Microsoft Search Learning Path

Transforming productivity with intelligent search

Transform productivity with intelligent search to unlock hidden insights and the value of information leveraging the latest search, intelligence, and analytics capabilities in Microsoft 365, Edge, and Bing.

SRCH10 What's new and next for Microsoft search

Get the latest updates on Microsoft Search. Come on the journey to learn how insights, actions, and answers are being built into your everyday experiences across Microsoft 365, Bing, and Edge. See the latest roadmap across all of your experiences, from SharePoint to Office and beyond. In addition, get insights on how to connect external third-party content connectors, customization, and extensibility.

SRCH20 Microsoft Search for the administrator: What you need to know

Learn about the impact of Microsoft Search on you, the administrator. We’ll take you through the inner workings of Microsoft Search and pull back the curtains on the architecture. Then we’ll translate that into practical tasks for search administration that will help you and your organization get the most out of Microsoft Search.

SRCH30 Connect your world of information to Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Search: A sneak peek at Micr…

Modern information workers need to find knowledge quickly and easily regardless of where the data resides. Come take a first look at Microsoft Graph Connectors, which will enable users in your enterprise to search over content sources beyond Microsoft 365. You will see how Microsoft and our partners are jointly making Microsoft Search more powerful to benefit your users. We will also show you a simple set of APIs that you can start using for your custom connector development.

SRCH40 Get answers in context with semantic search and natural language in Microsoft search

For human beings, reading comprehension is a basic task, performed daily. As early as in elementary school, we can read an article, and answer questions about its key ideas and details. But for AI, full reading comprehension is still an elusive goal—but a necessary one if we’re going to measure and achieve general intelligence AI. In search applications, machine comprehension will give a precise answer rather than a URL that contains the answer somewhere within a lengthy web page. Moreover, machine comprehension models can understand specific knowledge embedded in articles that usually cover narrow and specific domains, where the search data that algorithms depend upon is sparse. In this session, see and learn about the latest innovation with natural language and machine reading comprehension in Microsoft Search.

SRCH50 What's new and next for Microsoft Search customization and development

Microsoft Search is an intelligent, enterprise search experience from Microsoft that applies the artificial intelligence technology (AI) from Bing and deep personalized insights surfaced by the Microsoft Graph, to make search more effective for you. In this session, we demonstrate new Graph APIs and how Microsoft Search will let you create and customize rich search experiences around all of your enterprise content, regardless of where it resides. See our roadmap and examples of how to modernize your existing SharePoint-based enterprise search experiences to take full advantage of Microsoft Search.

Related Sessions

BRK2022 Get started with Microsoft Search in Bing and Edge

Microsoft Search in Bing is a new search offering that helps you save time by bringing you the best of the web and work in a single experience. In this session learn how to make the most of world and work information, get tips and tricks on best practices, see demos of what’s new and what’s coming, and learn about the roadmap for Microsoft Search in Bing and Edge.

BRK2034 What’s new and what’s next: AI-powered experiences in Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 uses AI to help employees overcome some of the realities of modern work, including increasing time demands, overwhelming amounts of data, and growing security threats. Learn what's new and what's coming with AI in Microsoft 365 and how to strategically apply AI in your organization, shape your AI strategy, foster an AI culture, and implement AI responsibility.

THR3010 Getting started with out-of-box Microsoft Graph Connectors for Microsoft Search

Microsoft Graph Connectors let you connect to external data sources to make them searchable from Microsoft Search. Come take a look at how a search admin can easily set up some out-of-box connectors to popular data sources and enable information workers to search over them from various Microsoft Search endpoints.

THR4000 Hands on with the new Microsoft Search API in the Microsoft Graph

Learn how to connect your world of information with Microsoft Search with the new Microsoft Search public API in the Microsoft Graph. In this session, learn how to integrate results from Microsoft Search into your own applications, programmatic access to search, and how to build a tailored search experience through guidance, demos, and more.

THR2023 Introducing intelligent new people experiences powered by Microsoft and LinkedIn graphs

Join us to learn more about how we are reimagining people/profile experiences across Office 365 by harnessing the rich data and signals available across Microsoft and LinkedIn graphs. We announce new capabilities that can suggest projects, topics that you can choose to highlight in your profile, and help you get discovered for your expertise through Microsoft Search. We also walk through new timely and contextual nudges/highlights from LinkedIn and MyAnalytics to help you complete tasks and stay informed on important updates from your colleagues and share improvements being made available to help with profile field extensibility scenarios.

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