The Intrazone, partner edition: “Agilisys” [digital transformation for the public sector]

December 10, 2019

The Intrazone continues to spotlight Microsoft partners, the people and companies who deliver solutions and services to empower our customers to achieve more.

In our second partner episode, we talk with Zoe Wilson (Head of Microsoft 365 Content and Collaboration), Ruben Hugo (Office 365 Solution Architect), and Luke Evans (Office 365 / SharePoint Architect) – all from Agilisys, a UK partner focusing on the public sector’s IT and digital transformation, putting people and strategy before technology. They blend consultancy and advisory to address each customer’s strategic priorities before helping them harness the best technologies to meet their desired goals.

We talk with them about Project Cortex, what they are hearing most from their customers, and about their favorite Microsoft Ignite 2019 announcements. Plus, we ask a few personal questions – to discover the people behind the partnership.

OK, Partner (edition), on with the show…

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clipboard_image_0.jpegLeft-to-right: Ruben Hugo – Office 365 Solution Architect, Agilisys logo, Luke Evans – Office 365 / SharePoint Architect, and Zoe Wilson – Head of Microsoft 365 Content and Collaboration; all from Agilisys [The Intrazone guests]

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