The Intrazone, episode 39: “Education: SharePoint and Microsoft Teams in the classroom”

October 15, 2019
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The dog cannot eat your homework . Not when it’s in the cloud :smile:.

Chris and I sat down with both a Microsoft education customer, Stockholm City Schools, and Microsoft subject matter experts across the Microsoft Teams and SharePoint.

In this episode, we chat with Office 365 for education customers, Alexander Strauss-Köhn and Mats Öström, experts from the educational department from Stockholm City Schools (Sweden) to hear how they scale and transform how students, teachers and parents benefit when using Office 365 (with emphasis on Microsoft Teams and SharePoint). We, also, hear from Dominic Williamson (Microsoft Teams for education product manager) and Debjani Mitra (SharePoint program manager (portals)) to get an understanding on the specific features and use cases (announcements, gradebook, portal landing pages, note taking and more), designed from customer feedback and now built into the products themselves, bringing unique educational value.

OK, pencils down. On to the show…

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TheIntrazone_hosts-guests_faces_epi-039_Edu-SP-and-Teams-classroom_101519.jpgLeft to right, top to bottom: Debjani Mitra – program manager (Microsoft/SharePoint) [guest], Dominic Williamson – program manager (Microsoft Teams for Education) [guest], Mats Öström – Microsoft 365 Product specialist at Department of Education (Stockholm City Schools) [guest], Alexander Strauss-Köhn – Microsoft 365 Product specialist at Department of Education (Stockholm City Schools) [guest], Chris McNulty – senior product manager (SharePoint/Microsoft) [co-host], and Mark Kashman – senior product manager (SharePoint/Microsoft) [co-host].

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TheIntrazone_Edu-SP-and-Teams-in-classroom_episode-39_LondonCollege-quote.jpgVerbatim quote from Microsoft education customer, Coty of Westminster College in London; full case study here:

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