The Intrazone, episode 25: “SharePoint, You Look Marvelous”

February 19, 2019
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The SharePoint design team is hard at work to inspire this customer sentiment across the intranet marketplace: “Please, make it look like SharePoint.” The inspiration follows form and function – and the desire to provide a beautiful first-run experience alongside – one that stands on its own AND is configurable & customizable.

In this episode we go into the minds of the creative design team behind SharePoint. You'll learn about the gorgeous out-of-the-box experience and how that same rigor enables customers to make unique, beautiful, functional intranet sites. We talk with Principal Design Manager – Denise Trabona (LinkedIn | Twitter) and Omar Shahine (LinkedIn | Twitter) – Partner Director of Program Management for OneDrive and SharePoint.

And don't miss my Transylvanic impression attempt of Billy Crystal… (I tried – I really did).

This is THE DESIGN episode. By the end, you’ll be saying, “Make ours look like SharePoint!

(+ bonus: scroll to the end of this post to view a collection of beautiful customer intranet screenshots from Wavemaker, Beiersdorf AD, 3M, Microsoft and Contoso Inc.)

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Intrazone-logo_banner.jpgThe Intrazone is your bi-weekly conversation and interview podcast hosted by the Microsoft SharePoint team (

IZ-25_SP-You-Look-Marvelous_hosts-guests-faces-names.jpgLeft to right, top to bottom: Denise Trabona – principal design manager (Microsoft) [guest], Omar Shahine – partner director of program management (Microsoft) [guest], Chris McNulty – senior product manager (SharePoint/Microsoft) [co-host], and Mark Kashman – senior product manager (SharePoint/Microsoft) [co-host].

+ highlighting our WINNERS of last episodes #BillChrisBadges & #SPC19PassGiveaway contests:

o    Petr Štěpka (@PetrStepka) SharePoint consultant and developer from Prague – winner of the #SharePoint spaces drone

o    Mike Hatheway (@MikeHatheway13) Digital Transformation Consultant in O365 and SharePoint – winner of the full SharePoint Conference 2019 pass.

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The SharePoint team wants you to unleash your creativity and content services throughout the year. We will do this, with design excellence, one episode at a time. And as Billy Crystal says, “Dahling – It’s not how you feel, it’s how. You. Look!” And, SharePoint — you look mahvelous!

Wavemaker_WorkHub.jpgWavemaker's “Work Hub” intranet portal powered by SharePoint in Office 365 and AddIn365.

Beiersdorf_YOUNITED.jpgBeiersdorf AD's “YOUNITED” intranet portal.

3M-Go_intranet_NeilsenNorman.png3M's “3M Go” company intranet. The Nielsen Norman Group named 3M Go as one of the top ten intranets in their 2019 report.

Microsoft_MSW.jpgMicrosoft's own “MSW” company intranet portal.

ContosoInc_ContosoLandings.jpg@ContosoInc's “Contoso Landings” as presented at Ignite 2018.

BONUS LINK: “Have you ever asked what other companies do with their #SharePoint-based #intranet in #Office365?” [via @Sway; showcases 14 Microsoft SharePoint customer intranet stories].

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