Your move to the cloud offers transformative experiences with built-in admin controls.

Microsoft 365 is designed to be a universal toolkit for teamwork – to give you the right tools for the right task, along with common services to help you seamlessly work across applications. And with good governance, you can transform teamwork inside your organization with confidence. The main goal of this resource center page is to show you how without compromise – to increase self-service benefits alongside reliable IT control.

Learn more. Govern more. Use more.

Governance is the set of policies, roles, responsibilities, and processes that control how your organization's business divisions and IT teams work together to achieve its goals. Every organization has unique needs and goals that influence its approach to governance. And these can be asserted across Microsoft 365 teamwork tools like SharePoint, Teams, Planner, Stream, Outlook, Yammer and Office 365 Groups (powered by Azure Active Directory (AAD)).

Your organization might require that you implement strict controls on how these teamwork tools are used; naming and classification (sites, groups, files, calendars, etc.); whether guests can be added as team members, and who can create them. You can configure each of these areas and more. And we are here to help guide you to the best related customer evidence, documentation, blogs/articles, and videos – all found below in one place.

Keeping it all connected and secure is key to a consistent experience. Microsoft 365 teamwork is built on an intelligent fabric that provides a seamless connection between people and relevant content, with the Microsoft Graph, a single team identity across apps and services, and security and compliance with centralized policy management.

Teamwork customer evidence

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