Introduction to Microsoft Stream

Overview of Microsoft Stream

Create, manage, and share videos securely across your organization with Microsoft Stream in Microsoft 365.

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Microsoft Stream Blog

Follow the blog to stay up to date on new features, resources and information about Microsoft Stream.

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Video Strategy

Learn how to help your organization successfully embrace a video culture.

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Why video?

Video is becoming ubiquitous in our daily communications with leaders, experts, and coworkers. The way we communicate is evolving fast and video features prominently in the transformation. This playbook is designed to help you better understand how video and Microsoft Stream can help your company engage and inform employees, capture and share knowledge, and enrich collaboration.

One minute of video is equal to 1.8 million words

90% of consumers say video helps make buying decisions

The human brain process video
60,000 times faster than text

59% of company decision-makers would rather watch a video than read an article or blog post


Customer Success Stories

Stream/Office 365 Customer Use Cases to know how our customers are using Stream & Office 365

Royal Dutch Shell

Employee engagement soars as Shell energizes internal communication with Office 365.

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University of New South Wales

STEM learning at scale: Using Microsoft Teams and AI for a more humanistic education

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BASF chooses Microsoft 365 as a catalyst for highly secure, agile collaboration across a global workforce

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National Bank of Canada

National Bank of Canada empowers and engages workforce with Microsoft 365, elevates customer and employee experience

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Catholic Education Western Australia (CEWA)

Educators unite students through video and interactive virtual classrooms

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Collaboration and knowledge-sharing in the cloud bring Swisscom's field technicians closer together

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Help Center - User Training

Stream Guidance to train members in your organization

Upload a video

Uploading videos with Stream is easy and anyone can do it.

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Watch a video

Stream makes it easy for employees an organization of all sizes of to watch, upload, share, and discover videos within their organization from a single and secure portal.

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Create a live event

The following short video explains how to create a live event in Stream.

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Share a video

Share your Stream videos with others by using 4 methods.

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Autogenerated captions

If a video’s language field is set to a supported language, Stream can automatically generate captions using Automatic Speech Recognition technology.

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Deep search

You can search transcripts of videos to which you have access. You can find the exact point in a video where a given word or phrase is mentioned, and then click it to go to that spot in the video.

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Use Stream in Teams

Make it easy for your team to collaborate using video by adding a Stream channel or video as a tab in Teams.

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Use Stream in Yammer

Yammer helps you broadcast your messages to your internal corporate network, helping you to reach a larger audience and give your video more impact to your coworkers. When you post a video link from Stream on Yammer, the video plays inline in the thread.

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Use Stream in SharePoint

With Stream web part for SharePoint Online, you can highlight Stream content in a SharePoint for a simple video, a channel, or videos across all of Stream.

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Best Practices

Best Practice Guidance to accelerate Stream Usage in your organization.

Phase 1: Start

Getting started

Planning for initial adoption

Your Project Team

Creating Videos and Channels

Watch and Share Your Video

Assess Organizational readiness

Phase 2: Experiment

Creating Champions

Governance Quick Start

Gathering Feedback

Selecting Early Adopters

Defining Usage Scenarios

Onboarding Support

Phase 3: Scale

Outcomes and Success Measures

Service Strategy and Stakeholder Engagement

Business Engagement

Feedback and Reporting

Awareness & Training Campaigns

Schedule Service Health Reviews


IT Professional Training

Security & Management Guidance to know more detailed information for ITDM’s consideration

Administrating Stream

As an administrator of Stream has many controls, settings, and options available to configure how Stream works for your organization.

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Network Consideration

Tips of your consideration for Stream video delivery and network.

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Data Privacy & User Management

As a Stream admin, you can manage user data in Stream for your organization.

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Stream Licensing

Stream is a cloud services licensed on a per user subscription basis. It is available as part of eligible Office 365 subscriptions.

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Quotas and limitations in Stream

This topic describes quotas and limitation associated with Stream for both paid and Trial plans.

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Measure Success

Measure Success of the use of Stream

Video analytics reporting by Office 365 audit logs

You can see analytics that show you the popularity of a video based on view, comment, and line counts.

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How to add Forms to Stream

You can add forms anywhere in videos you own, video responses, and share a summary link that shows answers and scores in Forms.

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Additional Resources

Additional Tech information to know more detailed tech knowledge & feature information

Microsoft Stream Blog

Read more about Microsoft Stream announcement and new features release on the Stream Blog

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Microsoft Stream Tech Community

This community is the space to share experiences, engage and learn from experts.

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Microsoft Stream Features Tech Document

Technical Documentations if you need more detailed information of Stream.

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