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MODIFIED:  June 7, 2018 08:29

The collaboration landscape has changed. Connectivity is ubiquitous and the ability to work remotely has become an ingrained part of the work practice. People have come to expect to be able to access email and documents from anywhere on any device – and for that experience to be seamless.

Thanks to cloud computing, ubiquitous connectivity, and personal digital devices, we’ve come to expect that we can put technology to use wherever we are, whenever we want, and with whatever gadget we have.

Featured Updates

May 21, 2018

The Intrazone, episode 5: “Your intranet on the go”

In this episode, we cover all things mobile and being productive on the go! We talk to the Microsoft engineering team behind the SharePoint mobile app: Nate Clinton, Andy Haon and Debjani Mitra. Our SharePoint partner this week is the PAIT Group; we talk with Stephanie Donahue and Mark Rackley about their unique business philosophy of Powerful Alone Invincible Together. Also discussed are SharePoint news, announcements, upcoming events, and the FAQ’s of the Week roundtable.  Learn more at

April 16, 2018

What's new for the SharePoint mobile app

When you have that moment, that precious one that arises and lasts mere minutes in the in-between, when you need to engage, get in and get out – the SharePoint mobile app has you covered. It is your intranet in your pocket, and we’re consistently improving the capabilities and experiences based on use and feedback.

The most current set of updates gives you access to modern technology (like SharePoint hub sites), refines the experience of team sites, keeps you informed – now on comments from news articles you’ve published – and more to keep you informed and productive on the go.  Learn more at

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The collaboration landscape has changed

Business moves at the speed light and a big part of staying connected is your ability to work with information while you’re on the go.  With connectivity being ubiquitous, we’ve come to expect that we can put technology to use wherever we are, whenever we want, and with whatever gadget we have.

These requirements aren’t lost on SharePoint.  As a matter of fact if you have an Office 365 subscription that includes SharePoint Online, you can use your device to view information on sites, collaborate with colleagues, access shared documents, and stay connected with your work using your mobile device. With SharePoint mobile, SharePoint Online is even more touch friendly than before.

The SharePoint mobile app allows you stay in the know while on the go, connect with people, and get to the information that matters the most, when it matters.

The SharePoint mobile app helps you keep your work moving forward by providing quick access to your team sites, organization portals and resources, and even a view into what the people you work with are working on. And this new app is infused with the intelligence of the Microsoft Graph, which applies machine learning to activity in Office 365 to connect you to the relevant documents and people around you.  The SharePoint mobile app works with SharePoint Online in Office 365, SharePoint Server (2013 and 2016) on-premises and your hybrid environment.

Current version:  3.14.1

Customer stories

“To say our business is mobile is an understatement; NASCAR holds 38 events a year all over the country. This means setting up the compound infrastructure, arranging catering and coordinating travel for our employees”

Stephen Byrd
Director of Technology Integration and Development

glassybaby empowers Firstline Workers with intuitive Microsoft Office 365 scheduling

glassybaby makes and sells glass votives and supports healing-based charities with its revenues. To free its passionate Firstline retail staff from schedule-related frustrations, glassybaby uses Microsoft Office 365. Store managers save up to six hours a week in schedule creation, and retail staff use their smartphones to arrange shift substitutions and build camaraderie using the built-in chat feature. The app helps glassybaby liberate its staffers to do what they do best: help customers.

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Insurance firm uses Office 365 to empower the business, boost competitive strengths

To modernize its business while building on its Pan-Asian heritage of caring service, AIA Group turned to Microsoft Office 365. Employees enjoy enhanced mobility and ubiquitous access to data while improving customer service. To stay ahead of the competition, AIA employees use Office 365 for seamless collaboration across 18 markets. Additionally, AIA uses Microsoft Azure to host various systems and manage fluctuating traffic.

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NASCAR drives cloud-based efficiencies to win productivity race

Today’s elite racecars have come a long way from the old NASCAR stock cars, but behind the scenes the same frenetic coordination is required to stage every race—only at a scale scarcely imagined in the 1940s. NASCAR employees handle the logistic pressure of televising dozens of NASCAR events every year by relying on Microsoft Office 365 cloud-based productivity tools. Using Microsoft SharePoint Online for real-time collaboration between office and field staff keeps everyone on track for a polished production every time.

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Consulting engineers’ professional body builds a more productive infrastructure in the cloud

London-based nonprofit Association for Consultancy and Engineering (ACE) advances the interests of consulting and engineering companies that build infrastructure in the United Kingdom. ACE relies on collaborative tools to plan industry events and connect member businesses. Prior to moving to the cloud and upgrading communication technology, ACE staff members were frustrated by slow data access. Now the team uses Microsoft 365 to collaborate easily, quickly, and securely. Meanwhile, the ACE Digital team focuses on strategic issues that deliver greater value.

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Accenture thrives with inclusive culture, accessible technologies in Microsoft 365

Accenture, a management consulting and professional services company, takes an innovation-led approach to help customers reinvent their futures. The same philosophy applies to its inclusive corporate culture. All employees are encouraged to reach their full potential by using accessibility capabilities built into Microsoft 365, a complete, intelligent solution that empowers everyone to be creative and work together, securely. Thanks to its accessibility strategy, Accenture increased the productivity of its diverse workforce, whose talents differentiate the company’s innovative deliverables.

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Cloud technology supports Coty in drive to celebrate beauty

Coty is a leading global beauty company making cosmetic, skincare, fragrance, hair color and styling brands loved by many. We want to positively disrupt the cosmetics industry to promote a radically inclusive world of beauty. We believe passionately that the beauty of humanity lies in the individuality and authenticity of people. Coty exists to celebrate the diversity of beauty.

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