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Security you can trust, control you can count on.

The collaboration landscape has changed. Connectivity is ubiquitous and the ability to work remotely has become an ingrained part of the work practice. People have come to expect to be able to access email and documents from anywhere on any device – and for that experience to be seamless.

While this has been an enormous boost to productivity, it also presents huge challenges for security. Previously, businesses needed to concern themselves with a firewall that ended at the corporate boundary. Now that boundary has shifted to the end user. Businesses need to ensure sure that corporate data is safe while enabling users to stay productive in today’s mobile-first world, where the threat landscape is increasingly complex and sophisticated.  Use the resources here to learn how SharePoint and OneDrive help to protect, manage, and secure your information.

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May 21, 2019

Updates to SharePoint security, administration, and migration

In Microsoft 365, we take security and compliance seriously, helping you manage security concerns in an ever-evolving technology world that’s constantly under threat.

Today at the SharePoint Conference we demonstrated that commitment with innovation to help you protect your identities and your information.

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March 7, 2019

Now available: Multi-Geo in SharePoint and Office 365 Groups

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the General Availability of Multi-Geo Capabilities in SharePoint Online and Office 365 Groups. The functionality has been in preview, and thanks to the invaluable feedback from our preview customers, it’s now ready for prime time.

Multi-Geo in SharePoint and Groups enables global businesses control the country or region where shared resources like SharePoint Team Sites, Office 365 Groups content (associated SharePoint Sites and Groups mailboxes) are stored at-rest.

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February 28, 2019

New whitepaper:  A Security Pro's Guide to Digital Transformation

With the Modern Workplace needing to support working anywhere, anytime and on any device, the organization may face new challenges. Common issues can be summarized and grouped into three core areas. First, Security and Access Control, second, Device and Data Management and third, Compliance. Each area has its challenges and issues, which means that for an organization to support a digital workplace, needs to be mitigated and understood. Learn how to transform your business and remain secure and compliant in a rapidly evolving world…

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September 23, 2018

Microsoft Ignite 2018 Security, Compliance, and Administration news roundup

Innovation in the cloud drives tremendous business value, and it delivers new capabilities to the IT professionals who work tirelessly to support, configure, administer, and secure their organizations' content and services.  Office 365 empowers you to support sophisticated requirements for security and compliance, to manage day-to-day operations, and to maximize the value of Office 365 to people in your organization.

We've built Office 365 with global scale, exceptional reliability, and support for compliance across industries and geographies on top of intelligent security that keeps your service and content protected and private, we give you granular and dynamic controls so that you can manage access and distribution of your organization's sensitive information. We've equipped you with detailed activity and usage reports. And we've brought the innovations born in Office 365 to SharePoint Server 2019? with out-of-the-box capabilities and connected, hybrid experiences.

Today at Microsoft Ignite 2018 we announced many of the new capabilities that are available now and coming soon to Office 365 and while our list of news is too big for a single blog.

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The collaboration landscape has changed

In today’s complex and regulated environment, businesses need to focus on building more secure solutions that deliver value to their customers, partners, and shareholders—both in the cloud and on-premises.

Microsoft has been building enterprise software for decades and running some of the largest online services in the world. We draw from this experience to keep making SharePoint and OneDrive more secure for users, by implementing and continuously improving security-aware software development, operational management, and threat-mitigation practices that are essential to the strong protection of your services and data.

SharePoint and OneDrive are uniquely positioned to help you address these evolving security challenges. To begin with, Microsoft has continued to evolve with new standards and regulations. This has been a guiding principle as we think about security for SharePoint and OneDrive. Right alongside that principle is this one: There is no security without usability. If security gets in the way of productivity, users will find a different, less secure way to do their work.

SharePoint and OneDrive allow your organization to go beyond its regular business rhythms and be nimbler in responding to market changes and opportunities. These solutions enable users to access the files and documents they need wherever they’re doing work while sharing and collaborating in real-time. And you control and own your data while Microsoft takes care of it. Explore the many options SharePoint and OneDrive provide to secure you and your information and then read our eBook Securing your content in the new world of work with SharePoint and OneDrive.

For businesses, the time is now to reevaluate security practices. In the modern communications and collaboration, landscape connectivity is ubiquitous and the ability to work remotely has become an ingrained part of the work practice. People have come to expect to be able to access email and documents from anywhere on any device – and for that experience to be seamless.

While this has been an enormous boost to productivity, it also presents huge challenges for security. Previously, businesses needed to concern themselves with a firewall that ended at the corporate boundary. Now that boundary has shifted to the end user. Businesses need to ensure sure that corporate data is safe while enabling users to stay productive in today’s mobile-first world, where the threat landscape is increasingly complex and sophisticated.

We know that data loss is non-negotiable, and overexposure to information can have legal and compliance implications. SharePoint and OneDrive provide a broad array of features and capabilities designed to make certain that your sensitive information remains that way with investments across our security and compliance principles to include compliance tools that span on-premises servers and Office 365 while providing a balance between enabling user self-service.

The rapidly-changing security landscape means that your organization’s content – its knowledge – is being shared more broadly, and accessed from more devices and more locations, than ever before. We’re committed to the security, privacy, and compliance of your data, and we continuously innovate intelligent ways to protect your content and to empower you to govern and manage information. Last month we announced label-based classification for information management policies, which enable a more dynamic governance of content across SharePoint, Exchange, and Skype, and Microsoft Teams. We’re continuously working to ensure content usage adheres to corporate policy defending your organization from today’s growing and evolving advanced threats.

To learn more about security and compliance with SharePoint and OneDrive:

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Customer stories

“Our legal department, risk management group, and human resources organization thoroughly reviewed our options to make sure the [system] we chose would support continuous adherence to all our requirements. Like other global companies, we must comply with all local regulations. Office 365 gives us confidence that we can remain in compliance from a data privacy and security standpoint.”

Sherry Nubert
Chief Information Officer
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

Goodyear uses Microsoft 365 to drive innovation for maximum business impact

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company believes in bringing the best new products to market as quickly as possible. The company adopted Microsoft 365 to support its drive for innovation, taking advantage of cloud-based services to unite dispersed teams, streamline processes, and improve mobile productivity. Today, Goodyear associates reach across geographical boundaries and time zones to share knowledge with colleagues regardless of location, speeding up every facet of the business.

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Insurance firm uses Office 365 to empower the business, boost competitive strengths

To modernize its business while building on its Pan-Asian heritage of caring service, AIA Group turned to Microsoft Office 365. Employees enjoy enhanced mobility and ubiquitous access to data while improving customer service. To stay ahead of the competition, AIA employees use Office 365 for seamless collaboration across 18 markets. Additionally, AIA uses Microsoft Azure to host various systems and manage fluctuating traffic.

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Korn Ferry earns client trust with Multi-Geo Capabilities in Office 365

Korn Ferry is a global organizational consulting firm. We combine strategy and talent to drive superior performance and create opportunities for our clients. Our approximately 8,000 colleagues serve clients in more than 50 countries. As a partner to 93 percent of Fortune 100 companies, we know that the world’s most successful companies have great people with access to intelligent technology that empowers them to do their best work, every day. We chose Microsoft 365, a complete, intelligent solution, for that very reason. We use Microsoft 365 cloud-based services to empower our employees to collaborate more closely with customers and help them attract and retain top talent. It’s the best of both worlds.

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TD redefines banking in the digital age with the Microsoft Cloud to empower employees and transform the customer experience

Growing from Canada’s smallest bank to one of North America’s largest in just over 20 years, TD Bank Group (TD) is in the habit of planning for the future. As we continue to expand, we are taking bold steps to make sure that the technology we use grows with us. Transforming technology at TD starts with listening to our employees and creating a “Workplace of the Future” that supports enhanced mobility and collaboration across the organization. We are deploying Microsoft Office 365 to empower employees to be more mobile and productive, so they can continue to provide the legendary customer service that has always set us apart.

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IT consultancy extends global employee productivity with data residency compliance

As an IT consultancy, Dimension Data helps companies use technology to be more productive and competitive. But it was stymied in its own global rollout of Microsoft Office 365—Australian government contractual requirements blocked the company’s ability to move its Australian business to the cloud. Dimension Data is removing that blocker with Multi-Geo Capabilities in Office 365. With all employees using Office 365, Dimension Data expands collaboration and teamwork and reduces costs by eliminating on-premises infrastructure.

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Cloud technology supports Coty in drive to celebrate beauty

Coty is a leading global beauty company making cosmetic, skincare, fragrance, hair color and styling brands loved by many. We want to positively disrupt the cosmetics industry to promote a radically inclusive world of beauty. We believe passionately that the beauty of humanity lies in the individuality and authenticity of people. Coty exists to celebrate the diversity of beauty.

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Consulting startup implements cloud-based solution at light speed, adds enhanced data security

Acies Consulting, a startup based in Mumbai, India, needed an IT solution that was quick to implement and would offer greater security features to help safeguard its customers’ sensitive financial information. Acies deployed Microsoft 365 and not only delivered enhanced security but also launched operations immediately with familiar programs like Microsoft Word, Excel, and SharePoint Online. Acies quickly scaled with business intelligence tools and cloud-based services, all with minimal upfront investment.

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Engineering Success: How engineering services company Engcomp combines talent & technology to innovate

Founded in 2004, Saskatoon-based engineering firm Engcomp ( provides engineering and decision analysis services to Western Canada’s heavy industrial sector. As trusted advisors, the company’s multitalented team of engineers and technologists partner on industrial-scale projects in sectors such as potash, uranium, gold, diamond, agriculture, and food processing.

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