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Unmanaged Device Access Policies

In the demonstration above, the Tenant is configured with a permissive device access policy, allowing full access from unmanaged devices to include desktop apps, mobile apps, and browsers.  The Marketing site inherits the policy configured at the Tenant; however, the Legal site has a policy configured less permissive than that configured at the Tenant level.  In addition, members of the Marketing site, while limited to browser only access on unmanaged devices, can continue to edit content they have access to provide a seamless collaborative experience.

Learn about Unmanaged Device Access Policies at

Idle Session Timeout Policy

In the demonstration above, the Tenant is configured with the idle-session timeout policy.   A user is working with content on a sensitive site (Legal) configured with Unmanaged Device-Based Access Policies on a shared system and has left that session unattended.  Following a period of 15 seconds a prompt indicates the session is about to be terminated and in the event a response is not received within 10 seconds, the session is subsequently closed preventing unintended overexposure of information.

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