1. Plan your stategy – Planning Resources

These resources provide examples, templates and ideas for your strategy using Yammer.

Yammer Success Guide

A collection of best practices, tips and examples to make your launch a success.

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Yammer Launch Playbook

Prepare the strategy for launch, describe the vision, business outcomes and success metrics for Yammer.

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Yammer Use Case Catalog

Learn about top use cases to build a case for stakeholders about how to use Yammer within your organization

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Yammer Super Power Infographic

Yammer is designed to connect employees in ways that no other enterprise software can.

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2. Prepare for launch

These resources will help you identify key elements for a successful Yammer network launch.

Yammer Governance

Overview and guidance on Yammer governance and network architecture.

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Yammer Etiquette

Guide Yammer etiquette guide you can use to customize for your organization.

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Yammer Usage Policy Guidance

Guidelines for setting up the usage policy and templates to create a Yammer usage policy.

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Yammer Launch Ideas

Ideas that you can modify. Customer samples for one day, week-long or a month-long launch.

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3. Communicate the launch

These resources provide templates and readiness materials. Edit as necessary for your organization.

Communication Plan

Recommended communication plan, templates, and timeframes for launch. Edit as necessary.

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Yammer Infographic

Infographic that can be used in office spaces or online spaces during launch to spark ideas.

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Yammer Poster

Editable poster to display in public areas to announce the launch.

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4. Training Members

These resources are templates, recordings and more to help your users learn how to use Yammer.

End User Training Guide

Training guide for your end users. Edit as necessary for your organization.

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New Yammer User Checklist

Editable checklist for your users to use in their office space or to complete during training.

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Yammer Training Videos

Short videos to help your users get started using Yammer.

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5. Ongoing Engagement

These guides and playbooks will help keep your members engaged beyond the launch.

Community Management & Group Owner Resources

Community Manager Toolkit

Resources to use with your Yammer networks regardless if you are brand new to community management, or have a had a Yammer community for years.

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Yammer Guide to Community Management

Overview of community management, along with best practices and tactics to help drive valuable engagement across your Yammer network.

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Yammer Group Owner Guide and Best Practices

Group set up information, best practices, sample engagement tactics, communications for group owners and how-tos.

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Ten Yammer Group Suggestions

Sample group descriptions, ideas for each type of group, including tips and tricks.

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Live Events in Yammer Resources

How to Host a Live Event in Yammer Playbook

Resources, best practices and tips and tricks for hosting a live event in Yammer.

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Resources and Templates for your Live Events

Customizable resources to use for your organization.

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YamJam Resources

YamJam Playbook

A step-by-step guide about hosting a digital meet up – or ‘Yamjam’- to create moments of engagement.

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YamJam Intro Video

View this video for an overview of what a YamJam is and how to host one in your organization.

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YamJam Scorecard

Evaluate YamJams with customizable template to share with stakeholders.

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Yammer Playbooks

Yammer Campaign Playbook

A guide about using Yammer in campaign management scenarios. Includes a list of campaign ideas and how they can be implemented.

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Manage your Office365 Rollout using Yammer

Guidance for best practices on how to use Yammer to support the launch of O365 within your organization.

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Doing More With Yammer

6. Measure Success

These resources provide the structure for measuring your network adoption

Measure Success Guide

Tactical ways to measure success of your Office365 adoption as well as your Yammer network, including quantitative and qualitative measures.

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Sample Satisfaction Surveys

Sample surveys for your network relating to satisfaction and Yammer usage, adapt as necessary.

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