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To help accelerate customer success with Microsoft 365 Content Services, powered by Microsoft 365, SharePoint, SharePoint Syntex, and Microsoft Viva Topics, we launched the Microsoft 365 Content Services Partner Program to support our partners delivering solutions that make the transformation of your content management approach practical and attainable.

The preferred and charter members of the Microsoft 365 Content Services Partner Program are listed below and on the Partners page, along with case studies that showcase their expertise and success.

Partner eligibility

Our preferred and charter partners are being recognized for their proven success in high-impact scenarios and workloads, including the following:


Helping plan for new systems and improvements to existing systems


Installing new systems, including planning, deployment, training, and support 


Moving systems from one operating environment to Microsoft 365


Updating processes and workflows so they align with a desired future state


Gathering, organizing, sharing, and analyzing an organization’s tacit and explicit knowledge in terms of resources, documents, and people skills

Compliance/Records Management

Managing regulatory and product control information, company policies, and records throughout their lifecycle


Digitizing paper and electronic records, validating data, and more


Providing devices​​ that integrate physical and image processing with Microsoft 365 Content Services


Workloads not caught by the other categories, such as Data Quality and Viewers

To qualify for the Microsoft 365 Content Services Partner Program, partners must be members in good standing of the Microsoft Partner Network, have experience supporting the workloads above, have participated in Knowledge & Insights training, and be focused on key industries.

Program incentives

As part of the Microsoft 365 Content Services Partner Program, preferred and charter members are able to work with Microsoft to develop solutions that put customer needs at the center. You can recognize Microsoft 365 Content Services preferred and charter partners by the use of the Microsoft Content Services Partner logo.

Program resources

Learn more about our offerings and how to align to the program with the following resources:

Registration and onboarding

Applications for the Microsoft 365 Content Services Partner Program will reopen in May 2021. At that time, organizations are invited to apply for one of three partner levels: associate, charter, or preferred.

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Netwoven is guided by its vision of unlocking actionable intelligence out of enterprise content. It has been helping its customers transforming their content from liability to asset. Netwoven, in partnership with Microsoft, is enabling enterprises by maximizing the potential of Microsoft 365 through content centric solutions like Unified Workspaces and Collaborations, Knowledge Management, Content Protection and Compliance framework, Content Governance, powerful Business Applications, and more.

Level: Preferred

Industries: HealthcareManufacturingRetail

Workload: KnowledgeMigrationProject Cortex Launch Partners

Markets: Asia PacificUS


Case Studies:

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