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Reading Room: SharePoint and OneDrive Content Services

Looking for more information about how Microsoft solves business problems with Office 365 content services?  You're in luck!

Content is your organization’s most critical digital asset. Content embodies the knowledge and processes your teams have assembled over time. But the approaches for how you create, manage, share, and collaborate on this content have changed dramatically.

What we’ve traditionally referred to as enterprise content management no longer reflects market dynamics or what digital businesses require. The more appropriate term is now content services, reflecting broader business content functions such as applications, platforms, and components.

Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive are key elements in furthering this evolution. Using SharePoint and OneDrive enables your organization to increase its content velocity, which means your content becomes more useful over time, picking up value as it’s created, edited, and repurposed.

Learn more today by downloading our free eBook, “Modernizing Content Management”.

eBook: Modernizing Content Management with Microsoft Content Services

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