Thank you to Project Cortex preview program members Richard Heath from Refinitiv and Chris O’Brien and Sunitha Madambil from Content+Cloud for joining us on the October 14 meeting of the Project Cortex Office Hours series. We spoke to them about their experience with Microsoft 365 and the Project Cortex preview program. We also discussed the use cases and value they see in their organizations and in Financial Services organizations for Project Cortex, including SharePoint Syntex.


View the recording, browse the deck, and visit our customer and partner sites to see how Microsoft 365 and Project Cortex empower people with knowledge and expertise.

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Recording - October 14: Industry roundtable on Financial Services

View the recording of the October 14 Project Cortex Office Hours meeting

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Presentation - October 14: Industry roundtable on Financial Services

See what we presented in the October 14 Project Cortex Office Hours meeting

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Learn more about Project Cortex preview customer, Refinitiv, which enables the financial community to trade smarter and faster, overcome regulatory challenges, and scale intelligently.

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Learn more about how Project Cortex launch partner Content+Cloud helps organizations transform the way they do business.

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Q & A

Thank you for all your questions during the Microsoft Teams live event. Even if we don’t answer them on the air, we use your questions to inform our FAQ and technical documentation.

A selection of questions and responses from the Q&A portion of the meeting follow.

Q: When it comes to integrating “intelligent” content development capabilities, do organizations need to have a large volume of content or be larger than a certain size?

A: Most of our preview customers have significantly large volumes of content, such as more than 100,000 documents. However, we’ve found in testing that an organization needs to have at least 10,000 documents for the AI to find statistically notable relationships and clusters.

Q: Is the SharePoint Syntex license sufficient to automatically apply retention labels through SharePoint Syntex and Project Cortex?

A: Yes, the SharePoint Syntex license offers you the ability to auto-classify documents and apply retention labels to those documents.

Q: Do you have any examples of how Project Cortex can help with a compliance issue?

A: Yes, Content+Cloud is currently working with a national retailer that’s rolling out SharePoint Syntex to automatically set retention policy labels on the dollar value of contracts.

Q: What supporting human elements and processes are required to make the implementation of Project Cortex and SharePoint Syntex successful?

A: It’s about cultural change and getting the company to train employees to recognize that knowledge management Is everybody's responsibility. If we share the load as widely as possible, then that would minimize the amount that individuals must take on themselves.

With topic cards being exposed across the platform, it makes it easy for somebody to visit a topic page and make an edit. You would need to trust people to only make an edit on topics with which they have experience. Like Wikipedia – you spread the responsibility as widely as possible.

Q: Can webparts be added to topic pages?

A: Yes, you can add webparts to Project Cortex topic pages and design them to match your needs.