The April 22 meeting of the Project Cortex Office Hours series goes through the steps you can take today to ready and prepare your organization for the release of Project Cortex:

  • Plan, catalog and migrate content
  • Connect and integrate what you can’t move
  • Modernize current experiences
  • Prepare users for change

We walked through each step, as well as available resources to help you realize them. We highlighted many of the tools, guides, checklists, and programs that you can use today to start your journey to Project Cortex, coming to Microsoft 365 this year.


In addition to viewing the meeting recording and deck, spend some time learning more about the readiness and preparation resources currently available to help your organization to get ready for the release of Project Cortex.

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Recording - April 22: Readiness and preparation

View the recording of the April 22 Project Cortex Office Hours meeting

View the Teams live event recording

Presentation - April 22: Readiness and preparation

See what we presented in the April 22 Project Cortex Office Hours meeting

View the presentation

Microsoft Content Services migration partners

Get help from migration partners in the Microsoft Content Services Partner Program

Meet our partners

Plan for what's next, and inventory and migrate what you can

Migration scenario guides
Prepare to migrate from File shares and SharePoint Server to OneDrive and SharePoint

SharePoint Migration Asset Tool
Identify the impact of migrating your server to SharePoint Online with Microsoft 365 migration guides
Prepare to migrate to Microsoft 365 from Microsoft and third-party sources with Mover – now available worldwide

Microsoft FastTrack
Move confidently to the cloud with FastTrack

Microsoft FastTrack assistance
Get onboarding assistance from FastTrack at no additional cost

Blog post: Requesting FastTrack assistance for Microsoft 365 just got easier
Learn about the improvements we made to the Request for Assistance experience

Microsoft Proactive Support Services (for customers with Premier or Unified Support contracts)
Get custom recommendations and help preparing for Project Cortex from an experienced Premier Field Engineer

Connect what you can’t move

Microsoft Search connectors
Get an overview of Microsoft Search connectors (aka Microsoft Graph connectors)

Ignite: Connect your world of information to Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Search
Hear how Microsoft Search connectors can enable your organization to search beyond Microsoft 365

Ignite: Getting started with Microsoft Search connectors
Watch how to get started with Microsoft Search connectors built by Microsoft

Ignite: Learn how to build your own Microsoft Search connectors
Get the basics on building your own Microsoft Search connectors

Build your own connectors: Indexing API
Use the Microsoft Search API to index data and add custom items to search results in the Microsoft Search experience

Build your own connectors: Search API
Use the Microsoft Search API to query Office 365 data in your apps

Build your own connectors: Sample connector
Learn how to use the Microsoft Search indexing API to create a connection to the Microsoft Search service and index custom items

Modernize current experiences

SharePoint look book
Discover the modern experiences you can build with SharePoint in Microsoft 365

Modernization scanner toolkit 
Drill down on the “modernization readiness” of your sites and plan for any needed remediation work

Modernization scanner toolkit: Overview
Get helpful ‘how to’ guidance on building and designing SharePoint sites in Microsoft 365

Managed Metadata Services (MMS)
Start now with new admin and user experiences for Managed Metadata, the taxonomy and classification service throughout Microsoft 365.

Prepare users for change

Adoption success factors
Visit this one-stop shop for all adoption and change management related content

Microsoft 365 learning pathways
Increase your organization’s knowledge, usage, and adoption of Office 365 through this on-demand training solution

Usage guidelines
Create appropriate SharePoint usage guidelines to ensure its proper use in your organization

Adoption templates
Drive adoption and usage of SharePoint in your organization with these adoption templates

Q & A

Thank you for all the questions that came in during the Microsoft Teams live event. Even if we don’t answer them on the air or, we use your questions to inform our Project Cortex FAQ and technical documentation.

A selection of questions and responses from the Q&A portion of the meeting follow.

Q: How does the SharePoint Migration Asset Tool (SMAT) work with a SharePoint on-prem farm?

A: SMAT ( will work with any SharePoint 2010 or 2013 farm. After you connect the tool, it’ll perform a set of scans and then provide impact reports that you can assess.

Q: Is Mover available outside North America?

A: As of February 2020, Mover is available worldwide. Read the Mover migration now available worldwide blog post for more details.

Q: What is Microsoft’s approach for integrating legacy on-prem ECM products, like Documentum, OpenText, FileNet, etc.?

A: Microsoft is building a limited set of out-of-the-box Microsoft Search connectors. We are working with system integrator (SI) and independent software vendor (ISV) partners, like Raytion, Accenture and BA Insight, to develop additional connectors. Together, there are more than 100 connectors currently available for preview. You can find the published list online at

If you’re looking for migration help from on-premises sources, we have a strong network of Microsoft Content Services partners who offer migration software and assistance.

Q: Do Microsoft Search connectors bring in all content or only metadata?

A: The connectors bring in primarily metadata and parsed content to the Microsoft Graph to enable users to search with both. For example, the connector will bring into the search index the parsed content of a file on a source system, as well as the file’s key metadata like the URL, file last updated, file author, etc.

Q: Is Delve a prerequisite for Project Cortex?

A: No, Delve is not a prerequisite for Project Cortex. Microsoft Graph is a prerequisite for Project Cortex. To have access to the entities and topics that are central to the knowledge experiences in Project Cortex, then you need to index content and be active on Microsoft Graph.

While there are pieces of Project Cortex that are unrelated to the Microsoft Graph, including AI Builder and content processing capabilities, using the Microsoft Graph is essential for enabling the knowledge experiences in Project Cortex.