Outlook community call – March 21, 2018

March 28, 2018

The Outlook Add-ins community call is our quarterly event for developers to connect with the folks behind Outlook. During this call, we will provide updates on the new features we’re working on this quarter, what we accomplished since last time and feature technical deep dives. At the end of each call, we will allow time for attendees to ask questions and share feedback.

In our first call, Wey Love and Petra Ronald, Outlook PMs, discussed the following:

What's new

Currently, API requirement set 1.5 is available across all desktop clients and API requirement set 1.6 is available in Outlook Win32 and OWA for business. Furthermore, acquiring add-ins has never been easier with features like Centralized Deployment (admins can deploy add-ins to organizations, groups, and specific individuals) and the update to the in-client store UX.

What's coming soon

For Mac Outlook, requirement set 1.6, pinnable taskpane, detected entities, and support for add-ins on Gmail accounts will be coming soon. In addition, Outlook on Windows, Web, and Mac will soon GA support for Single Sign On.

What's on our roadmap

The add-in platform is constantly working on new features and exploring new extension points. Some features that are currently on our roadmap include the following:

  • Delegate Access: a feature that enables add-ins in shared mailbox scenarios.
  • Recurrence: Office JS API used to get and set the recurrence pattern of a meeting.
  • Single sign-on for MSA accounts
  • New events such as the recipient changed or appointment time changed events.

Learn more

Because we received so many requests for help on enabling the Single Sign On feature, during the next community call we plan to have a tutorial about SSO and how to enable it for your add-in. If you are looking to learn more about the Outlook add-in platform and what is currently available, try out the new APIs in Preview and look out for our theatre sessions on Outlook add-ins at BUILD.

Future Discussion Topics

  • SSO deep dive

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