New files uploaded to Microsoft 365 connected Yammer communities are now stored in SharePoint

May 26, 2020

It’s taken us some time—but we’re excited to share that all new photos and files uploaded through Yammer in Microsoft 365 connected communities are now stored in the communities’ default SharePoint document library.  

This ensures that your files adhere to the rich security and compliance features policies that you’ve implemented for SharePoint and extends that to encompass more files in Office 365. This means that eDiscovery, data loss protection, in-geo residence for files at rest, and other custom policies are available for new files uploaded in Office 365 connected communities. 

The Files tab allows you to navigate and manage your Yammer files stored in SharePointThe Files tab allows you to navigate and manage your Yammer files stored in SharePoint


Benefits for end users 

Going forward, users can use the familiar SharePoint document library for file navigation and management for their Yammer communities. This announcement also means that files can now be easily discovered and accessed via Yammer, SharePoint, Delve, Microsoft Search, your Recent Files in Office ProPlus apps, and beyond. Users can even keep a saved copy of your community’s files when you’re offline by syncing the folder in the document library

Using SharePoint for file storage gives admins and users more access and controlUsing SharePoint for file storage gives admins and users more access and control

Some changes to Yammer Files APIs 

With the change to new Yammer files to be uploaded to Microsoft 365 for connected communities complete, we’re also going to be harmonizing the Yammer files APIs. We will be deprecating the /pending_attchments API, which always uploads files to Yammer storage,  in favor of the new /smallFileUpload API. The new API will prefer to upload files to the SharePoint document library if the community is a Office 365 connected, while continue to upload to Yammer storage otherwise. 

Wrapping up 

This is just one part of how we’re bringing Yammer closer together with the rest of Office 365. We recently launched Native Mode for new Yammer tenantsmeaning all groups will be connected and have their files uploaded to SharePoint and for existing tenantsthe ability to migrate to Native Mode. As a part of that migration, we will move your existing files stored in Yammer to SharePoint. 

Stay tuned—we will have more to share on files inside the new Yammer! 

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Ethan Li 
Ethan is a PM on the Yammer Team