Nail your next presentation with Presenter Coach in PowerPoint for the web

June 18, 2019
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Public speaking can be stressful. From boardrooms to classrooms, stepping on stage can cause our blood pressure to rise, but with a little practice, our belief is that everyone can improve how they presentOver the last few years we’ve have received feedback from enterprise customers, parents, educators, and students that people want an easy way to practice their presentations to improve their public speaking abilities. Today, we are making this a reality with the launch of Presenter Coach in PowerPoint for the web!



Based on academic research and field studies, we’ve integrated presentation best practices into Presenter Coach to help people give more effective presentations – all through the power of AI.  


This feature allows people to enter rehearsal mode and while speaking they receive on-screen feedback about pacing, inclusive language, use of filler words like “um” or “uh, culturally insensitive phrases and, if someone is just reading their slides. At the end of each rehearsal session, the presenter receives a detailed report that highlights additional areas of practice for improvement. 


Presenter Coach will be available on PowerPoint for the web this Summer. We hope that you love it!

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