Isn't time for a better search?  We're increasingly turning to search engines to accomplish tasks and make decisions – in fact over half the internet population will start their internet experience with a search engine.

Microsoft Search transforms the way people in your organization find the info they need—no matter where you are in your cloud journey. Either integrated with Microsoft 365 or as a standalone solution, Microsoft Search is a secure, easily managed, enterprise search experience that works across all of your applications and services to deliver more relevant search results and increase productivity.

Microsoft Search meets you wherever you are. From SharePoint to Microsoft Teams, from Office to Outlook, enabling you to harness the collective knowledge of your organization so everyone can be more engaged and effective every day. Using the intelligence of the Microsoft Graph, relevant content will surface to keep you up to date allowing you to unlock creativity with personalized search and discover people & content in the context of your work.

Microsoft Ignite On Demand

You can catch up on all the announcements and sessions from Ignite at the Microsoft Ignite Content 2019 space on the Microsoft Technical Community.


Discover content from across Microsoft 365

Discover relevant content for you, as well as actions from your colleagues across Microsoft 365 to find and get back to your work faster.

Harness the collective knowledge of your organization

Bring people together around common interests and areas of practice so you can exchange information, share best practices and build off each other’s work.

Build a rich, personal profile to work out loud across your organization

Empower employees with a voice to enable ideation around initiatives and process improvement.

Training & Adoption Resources

Make the most of Microsoft Search in your organization with these reusable training and adoption resources.

Microsoft Search Usage Guide

The Microsoft Search usage guide will help you navigate Microsoft Search, which will help improve your search experience and add greater value to your work. You’ll find tips to make the most of Microsoft Search for various industries, including: Education, Financial Services, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, and Retail.


Microsoft Search eBook

The modern workplace looks quite different than it did ten years ago. More people are working outside of the office, and using myriad devices and tools to get their work done. No matter where people work or what kind of device they use, they need the ability to quickly and easily find the information that will help them be more productive and informed.


Microsoft Search: What's new and what's next

Get the latest updates on Microsoft Search. Come on the journey to learn how insights, actions and answers are being built into your everyday experiences across Microsoft 365. See the latest roadmap on Microsoft Search across all your experiences and applications in Microsoft 365.


Microsoft Search Presentation

Wherever you are working, search is personalized. Bringing you content from across Office 365—from OneDrive, SharePoint, Exchange and more. Powered by the Microsoft Graph, search in any application brings you information based on what you’re working on, who you’re working with; always maintaining established permissions.


Microsoft 365 Productivity Library

The Microsoft 365 Productivity Library allows you to discover what's possible with Microsoft 365 and explore simple ways to get going fast through use cases, pivoted around all-up Microsoft 365 functionality. These scenarios help you to start the conversation with users about how they can use Microsoft 365 in their day-to-day work and life.


Microsoft Search in Bing Adoption Kit

This adoption kit includes short, visual PDFs created for sharing on Teams, Yammer, and SharePoint. Use the content to inform your Microsoft 365 and Office 365 users about using Microsoft Search in Bing to find the work info they need while also saving time and increasing productivity.


Microsoft Search in Bing Admin Essentials Guide

Learn how to effectively deploy Microsoft Search in Bing to make finding work results as simple as searching the web. This short training course covers administration-related topics that will help you increase Microsoft Search in Bing engagement across your organization and help users get answers faster.


Microsoft Search in Bing Admin Training Guide

This training guide introduces you to tasks you will perform as a Global admin, Search admin, or Search editor in the Microsoft Search in Bing environment. We’ll start with the basics in the first two lessons and then move on to more advanced topics.


Microsoft Search in Bing EDU Adoption Kit

This adoption kit for teachers and students includes short, visual PDFs created for sharing on Teams, Yammer, and SharePoint. Use the content to inform your Microsoft 365 and Office 365 users about using Microsoft Search in Bing to find the school info they need and get more time for learning.


News & Announcements

Get the latest news and announcements on Microsoft Search.

Customer Stories

Microsoft customer stories. See how Microsoft tools help companies run their business.