Microsoft Search in Bing Adoption Kit

May 12, 2019

The Microsoft Search in Bing adoption kit includes several ready to use templates for email, Teams, Yammer, and SharePoint to help your Office 365 users understand how Microsoft Search in Bing helps them be more productive every day. You'll be set up for a successful roll-out, no matter what your business challenges.

The Microsoft Search in Bing (MSB) Adoption Kit is designed as a flexible awareness program admins/champions can use for change management within their organisation, increasing user adoption and engagement. The Kit includes planning and preparation guidance, several tools, and templates that can be fully customized for the needs of each organization.

Available Downloads

English (International)
German (Germany)
French (France)
Dutch (Netherlands)
Italian (Italy)

Getting Started

The Adoption Kit Success Guide identifies key steps and contains several “Take Action” call-outs, intended for the adoption success owner (admin/champion) to assign within their organization. When meeting with the MSB Adoption Team, we recommend reviewing the Success Guide and Checklist together to help relay the benefits of each of the Kit materials and identify the action item owners.

What’s in the Adoption Kit

  • Adoption Success Guide: A “first read” that provides next steps and recommended key actions for a successful Microsoft Search in Bing user adoption program.
  • Success Guide Checklist: A summary table of key actions and owner assignments.

Communications Tools

  • Announcement Email: Introduction to Microsoft Search in Bing for users, plus key resources, training, and support available to help them.
  • Microsoft Search in Bing Tips Emails: Key feature highlights and instructional examples of how to use Microsoft Search in Bing.
  • End User Survey Email Template: A feedback tool to use after completion of the adoption program to help collect what users find useful and where there are future opportunities.
  • Microsoft Teams and Yammer Posts: Complementary announcement and feature highlight posts that can be shared with users if the customers are actively using these tools in their organisation.
  • Sample Campaign Calendar: A communications plan for the adoption program that shows a recommended cadence for messaging the user community.
  • Posters/Flyer: Companion materials that can be printed and distributed to physical locations across your organisation as part of the launch and adoption program. The Kit includes a customizable version as well as a print-ready version.
  • SharePoint Page Template: Recommended content for a resource hub where copies of the tools and materials, training guides, etc., can be stored for users who want to self-service.
  • FAQs Document: A template with common user questions intended as a working document that can be appended based on feedback from users in the organization.