Whether you are new to hosting live events, or just need some extra help, Microsoft can provide you with guidance and assistance to deliver your best live event broadcasts. With Microsoft live events assistance, we can help you get more familiar with setting up and running a live event or be directly available during a live event to help if any questions or issues come up.

During preview, the assistance program is free to customers using Teams, Stream or Yammer to deliver their events. Sign up now to get started.

Live events enable anyone to create live and on-demand events that deliver compelling communications to employees, customers and partners. Events use video and interactive discussion across Teams, Yammer, or Stream, and can be as simple, or as sophisticated as needed. Up to 10,000 attendees can participate in real-time from anywhere, on any device, or catch up later with powerful AI features that unlock the content of the event recording. For additional details, visit the assistance program documentation page.

To help support our customers, through June 30, 2021, we will extend limit increases for live events, including:

  • Event support for up to 20,000 attendees
  • 50 events can be hosted simultaneously across a tenant
  • Event duration of 16 hours per broadcast

Additionally, events for as many as 100,000 attendees can be planned through the live events assistance program. Learn more.

  • Education on how Microsoft live events works across Teams, Yammer, and Stream
  • Determine which service to use based on your needs
  • Review best practices for coordinating, producing and running an event
  • Validate current setup and configuration
  • Answer questions
  • Plan assistance logistics for rehearsal and upcoming event
  • Help producer run a test event to check audio/video feeds
  • Review producer controls
  • Answer questions from producer, event team, and stake holders
  • Help producer check audio/video before going live
  • Available to answer producer/event team questions via chat/phone
  • If issues are identified, help provide next steps toward investigation and mitigation
  • Review options/steps for sharing event recording
  • Review options/steps for after event reporting
  • Answer any outstanding questions

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