Power organization-wide live events and engage employees with leadership engagement in Microsoft 365

Take the first step in engaging employees with the public preview of intelligent events in Microsoft 365 (inc. Office 365) — a new way for leaders to engage employees by connecting with people with through live events, sustained dialogue, and communications at scale. Leadership engagement empowers leaders to:

    • Engage, inform and inspire your organization with live online events and real-time Q&A shared across devices
    • Foster sustained dialogue with employees in open communities that give everyone a voice
    • Clarify vision and communicate at scale with intranet sites, blogs and video to share news, resources, and messages from leadership
    • Plan and create compelling executive communications, and to manage communications campaigns
    • Measure reach and impact, to understand what’s working, and to identify areas for improvement


Connecting leaders and employees

How organizations are applying current tools for leadership connection

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Week in the life: Employees connecting to leaders

A sample scenario with actions that an employee can take to engage on Yammer.

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Use Case Deep Dive: Leadership Engagement

Key strategies and tactics leaders can use to engage with employees across your organization using Yammer.

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Leadership Engagement Infographic

Leaders can boost employee engagement across their organization with Yammer.

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Week in the life: Responsive leadership on Yammer

A sample scenario with actions that a leader can take to engage with employees on Yammer.

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Leadership engagement overview

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Read about live events in Microsoft 365

For your IT team:

Support documentation on live events in Teams, Yammer, Stream