Introducing the Bing Enterprise Homepage

July 31, 2020

We're happy to announce a new experience just for Microsoft Search in Bing users: the Bing enterprise homepage. Now you'll see the same Bing homepage you love, enhanced with the work info you need, including popular bookmarks, meetings, recent files, and news. And with automatic sign in, you can get to the info even faster.




What are the benefits of the Bing enterprise homepage?

Customized branding: You'll see your company's logo and name right on the Bing homepage. Enterprise admins can configure the brand logo by customizing the Microsoft 365 theme for your organization. (Your logo will be changed across Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Search.)


Fast access to popular and timely info: If your organization has added bookmarks in the Microsoft 365 admin center, you'll see popular bookmarks to help you get to important internal resources even faster.

You'll also see your upcoming meetings—and who's invited. (And for an even fuller picture of your day, just click the see more link.)


To help you pick up where you left off, you'll see recent files you and co-workers have collaborated on.


News that impacts your work: Read the latest headlines and stories that matter to you and your industry. Enterprise admins can choose the industries for your enterprise, as well as topics important to your company, in your Microsoft 365 admin center settings (Org settings > Services > News).


Search suggestions designed for work: Just like you see web suggestions when you start a search, now you'll see work suggestions too. Start typing a work-related search, like your manager's name, in the search box to see it in action.


Highlight your news: Soon you'll be able to showcase your company's top internal news stories on the Bing homepage. Check out the image below for an early preview.




When will I see the new enterprise homepage?

The enterprise homepage updates started rolling out during the end of July. The admin controls for Industry news and internal news from your organization will roll out across tenants in August.


Coming soon: More controls

The right homepage for your business: We're working on features that will let enterprise admins customize the homepage for your organization, including turning off the homepage image by default. (Your users will still be able to turn it back on.) And for organizations that prefer the ‘classic' Bing homepage, Enterprise admins will have the option to turn off the enterprise homepage features.


Frequently asked questions

Who can see work info on the enterprise homepage?

Only you can see your work info. And your enterprise homepage is customized just for you. To help protect your privacy, you must sign in with a valid work or school account to see info from your organization. To learn more about privacy and Microsoft Search, see How Microsoft Search in Bing helps keep your info secure.


How can I hide enterprise info on the homepage?

To temporarily hide this info, minimize it by clicking the chevron control just above the enterprise section.




Or, on the homepage menu (upper-right corner), turn off the Show news & work info toggle.


Is this available outside the US?

Currently, the Bing enterprise homepage is available in eight locations: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, India, Spain and the US. The Industry news carousel is only rolling out in the US.


We hope you enjoy the new Bing enterprise homepage as much as we loved building it for you.