In case you missed it… the Yammer Team at Ignite

November 15, 2019

Get ready to dive into all things Yammer with this must watch list from the Yammer Product teams.  View the sessions, download the slides and take notes as you learn during every session just as if you were there in person!  


First up, the Yammer keynote!  

The future of Yammer: Share knowledge, engage leaders, and build communities in Microsoft 365  


Murali Sitaram, General Manager Yammer and Office 365 Groups 

Jason Mayans, Group Product Manager Yammer 

Steve Nguyen, Product Evangelist  


The Yammer product leadership team unveiled the most significant innovations in Yammer history. Explore the vision for Yammer powering leadership engagement, corporate communications, and communities in Microsoft 365.  


Discover new Yammer features and integrations that empower people to connect and share knowledge across the organization with open conversation backed by enterprise-grade privacy, security, and compliance. 

the new yammer slide.JPG


Featured Yammer Product Sessions 

Building thriving Yammer communities for knowledge sharing   

Kaleem Rahman, Product Management 

Angus Florance, Product Marketing 


Angus and Kaleem share how Yammer powers communities and knowledge sharing in SharePoint and Microsoft Teams. Learn what's new and coming next across Microsoft 365 to extend the powers of what your community can do and how knowledge management and AI can provide real business outcomes, save time, and deliver value. You’ll see a handful of examples of communities from the Yammer Microsoft network and tips for managing your communities.  

Tips for communities of practice.JPG


New experiences and innovations in Yammer 

Adrienne Trudeau, Product Management  

Tamanna Kottwani, Product Management 


Adrienne and Tamanna share what's new in Yammer. Take a deeper look at the latest innovative capabilities and experiences coming to Yammer. Watch them demo how Yammer powers and connects organizations and how it's designed to drive engagement, increase communication and learning, and forge the path of knowledge management in the modern workplace. 

The new yammer experience slide.JPG

New Yammer compliance and administration experiences in Microsoft 365 

 John Bacus, Product Management 

Adam Peretz, Product Management 


John and Adam share about how to administer your Yammer network and manage its compliance using the same Microsoft 365 tools you use for Microsoft Teams, Office 365 groups, and other Microsoft products.  


This session covers recently added support in Yammer for data residency in Europe, and dives deep into Native Mode, which allows all users, groups, and files to be managed through the Microsoft 365 and Azure Active Directory admin centers.  


Also, learn about new Yammer eDiscovery and data governance features in the Microsoft 365 compliance center. 

 Complaince roadmap.JPG

Using video to connect leaders and employees on Yammer 

 Kasia Krzoska; Product Management 

Steve Nguyen, Product Evangelist  


This session provides both the strategy and tools needed to supercharge engagement and reduce the distance between leadership through to your Firstline workforce. You’ll hear about how to foster employee participation, address issues, and take important steps towards driving company initiatives.  


Learn the components of a modern leadership engagement environment using Yammer, SharePoint, Microsoft Stream, Microsoft Teams, and live events.  


Plus you’ll get a real example of using different types of videos that you can use within your organization Ways to engage video.JPG

How IT can support business functions like corporate communications, HR, and marketing 

Kasia Krzoska, Product Management  

Ayesha Mascarenhas, Product Management 

Kasia and Ayesha share how IT can drive business outcomes and support HR, corporate communications, legal, and other departments by creating easy-to-build engagement platforms using Yammer, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft Stream.  

See the platform come to life with examples of how departments can use these tools to drive onboarding, adoption, marketing, compliance, and more. 

Yammer and sp superpowers.JPG

We hope you’ve enjoyed some of the Yammer product team’s sessions at Ignite 2019.  


If you have questions after you’ve watched the sessions, share with us below.