How a Search Editor can save IT admins time

August 13, 2019
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The Search Editor role is essential to enable and support the deployment of Microsoft Search in Bing across your organization. This is a sub-role assigned within the Microsoft 365 Admin portal and has one essential function: to curate content.

Most organizations have a limited number of Global Admins (we recommend at least two) and, as such, the Global Admins’ time is usually quite constrained. So, it makes sense for the Global Admin to identify other IT staff and/or technical end-users to handle the task of managing and curating content such as Microsoft Search bookmarks, Q&As, and locations. These tasks do not require full permissions to access all areas of the Microsoft 365 Admin Center.

Instead, Global Admins can assign Search Editors–for example, employees with expertise in PR, marketing, or sales–to share in creation, and management of relevant bookmarks, Q&As, and locations. Companies with global offices can also utilize Search Editors for the localization of content.

This role doesn’t require technical skills. Anyone can learn the user-friendly interface and create, edit, publish, delete, and review suggested content. (Their access in the Admin Center is limited to these actions.)

Who creates the Search Editor role?

The Global Admin assigns the Search Editor role within the Microsoft 365 Admin Center.

Why is creating high-value enterprise bookmarks essential for your organization?

Bookmarks help with publishing and the promotion of the best possible results for business-related queries. The more bookmarks there are, the more value for users. For more information on creating good bookmarks, refer to the series published on the Microsoft Search blog.

Why is creating high-value enterprise Q&A relevant for your organization?

Creating answers for the most frequently asked questions in your organization helps users save time by quickly surfacing the information they need. Just like bookmarks, customized answers can be created based on different criteria such as country, security groups, and operating system. Read about managing Q&As.

Which data are available to Search Editors to help them create the most relevant content?

Search Editors can see how users engage with their results by accessing data insights through the Admin Center:

  1. View how many bookmarks and Q&As have been published, scheduled, or suggested
  2. View impressions for top search queries that show work results
  3. Analyze impression distributions for bookmarks and Q&A

Is it possible to have more than one Search Editor within the same organization?

Yes, there can be many Search Editors. We recommend having one per area of expertise.

What can a Search Editor do?

The Search Editor has full access to Microsoft Search settings within the Microsoft 365 Admin Center and can publish, edit, save, schedule, and import/export bookmarks, Q&A, and locations.

Does the Search Editor need to be very tech-savvy?

No. Basic training on how to access the Microsoft 365 Admin Center Search Settings and perform these tasks is all that is required.

What can’t a Search Editor do?

A Search Editor cannot assign another user as an admin, assign another user as Search Editor, or access other operative areas of the Microsoft 365 Admin Center.


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