Get security beyond Microsoft products with Microsoft 365

May 2, 2019

Over time, organizations and individuals acquire stuff. Things we love and things we need. Things we don’t need but can’t seem to get rid of. I was confronted with this challenge when we bought a 1908 craftsman home. How could I make my beloved modern furniture and mandatory kid-friendly gear work? Planning a space that pulled together the contemporary pieces with the old-world details of our home took some work, but it was worth it (and actually kind of fun). Best of all, our home has character and it feels like us.

IT organizations have also accumulated stuff over the years. Legacy systems can’t be easily replaced (like my kid-friendly furniture). Investments have been made in cloud services and security solutions to solve specific problems. It’s not always practical or even smart to replace existing products around which IT has developed processes that work. This can be a struggle for security architects striving for a single pane of glass across their security ecosystem. While they might never reach that holy grail, Microsoft 365 can get them a lot closer.

Microsoft security capabilities can extend across the entire digital landscape, including non-Microsoft products and services. Our latest e-book, Security beyond Microsoft products, illustrates how IT can secure a diverse digital estate and integrate with other security solutions to eliminate “security silos.”

Secure a diverse digital estate

The Security beyond Microsoft products e-book provides concrete examples of how Microsoft 365 security can be used to protect non-Microsoft applications and services. For example, you can use Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) to extend your sign-in policies to thousands of third-party cloud apps. Microsoft Intune secures and manages Android and Apple devices. You can even track threats across a hybrid cloud ecosystem.

Integrate with other security solutions

Microsoft 365 is a complete, intelligent solution, but it also integrates well with other security products. If you have individual security products that are still under contract or that you’ve fine-tuned for your team and processes, there is no need to lose those investments. The Security beyond Microsoft products e-book describes how Microsoft 365 works with other vendor products, such as a third-party Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) product or a data loss prevention (DLP) solution.

Learn more

I was able to bring eclectic pieces together in a seamless, comfortable way that balanced the old and new, and you can do the same across your security organization. Learn more by downloading the first five e-books in our series:

Check back to read the final e-book in this series, “Secure your most sensitive data,” which details how Microsoft 365 can protect your data even as it travels.

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