Workplace communications

Keep your entire organization engaged and informed by sharing relevant news, timely updates, and rich stories


Scaling your communication opportunities allows for all conversations to be nurtured, so your people can feel, not only informed, but keenly involved

Workplace communications:

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Communicating through roles

Distribute relevant news and announcements to your organization with ease. With Microsoft 365, you can captivate your organization with information that is highly targeted – the right news, to the right employees, and the right time. Have a look below to learn how role within an organization can play a very helpful part in achieving this.

Executive Leadership

Reach all employees with high priority, high value news and announcements

Employee Communications

Target your news to employees when you want to

Human Resources

Ensure all employees have timely information for key topics


Stay informed without information overload

IT Admin

Reduce involvement from IT department

Microsoft 365
capabilities utilized:

SharePoint news, Yammer communities, Microsoft Teams, Stream, Boost, SharePoint audience targeting, Yammer all company, Outlook, SharePoint news digest, AAD