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Digital transformation is rapidly changing the way we communicate and work with each other.

When employees are truly engaged, companies report improved employee retention, customer satisfaction, sales metrics, and overall profitability. Sadly, though, employee engagement is low and stagnant. Research reveals that only a third of employees feel engaged in the United States and only 15 percent worldwide.

  • We believe that effective, resilient organizations in this environment, the ones that will survive, will be organizations that are inherently creative and innovative.
    Transparency and open communication yield better results than protectionism – they build trust and align purpose. Finding the answers together becomes a better strategy than struggling alone or competing with your colleagues.
  • Working together accelerates learning and problem solving, resulting in better decision-making and responsiveness.
  • Empowering decision making at the edges or the organization is not only faster than command-and-control, but it also builds sustained engagement over time.
  • Finding the answers together becomes a better strategy than struggling alone or competing with your colleagues

More engaged employees are willing to lean in more. And this matters because, rather than just fulfilling a role they were given, engaged employees want to succeed in the mission.

“Great workplace cultures treat employees as stakeholders of their future. They put their attention on concrete performance management activities, such as clarifying work expectations, getting people what they need to do their work, providing development opportunities and promoting positive coworker relationships. As a result, their employees create more and better work, stay with their organization longer and win the best customers for the future.”

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Create sustained, pervasive connections and conversations across your organization to deliver better employee experience and to drive organizational performance

How to improve employee engagement in the modern workplace

Leadership and clarity of purpose

Build an ongoing, two-way connection between leadership and employees

Align people around your purpose and goals by breaking down barriers between leadership and the organization.

Communicate consistently about your company's mission, values, and strategic initiatives. Broadcast company meetings to spark moments of high-engagement.

Sustain engagement in a forum for ongoing dialogue, where people can ask questions and where leadership can clarify vision, strategy, objectives and culture.

Open communication

Communicate at scale to keep people informed and involved

Communicate with your organization about updates, announcements, policies and procedures, and other news.

Everyone can be an internal communicator. Professional internal communicators can help create community around how to best communicate about a project or initiative.

Create compelling, modern communications with rich storytelling tools.

Nurture conversations to surface feedback and areas of focus for future communications. Measure the reach of your message and the engagement of your audience.

Pervasive & sustained engagement

Create a culture of open sharing and learning where people exchange interests, expertise and ideas across the organization

Bridge organizational silos by building open spaces where people can crowdsource knowledge, share best practices, and discuss their interests.

Foster conversations that support learning and development, for new employees and just-in-time, in the context of work and process.

Enable employees to brainstorm and ideate, collect feedback, or work together towards common goals.

Customer Stories

Mondelēz International engages and inspires global workforce with Yammer

Global CPG maker of iconic Oreo cookies uses Yammer to create more human connections with its global workforce, erode corporate silos, improve search and discovery, and access expertise.

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Yammer collaboration helps Sanofi Pasteur improve quality, make more life-saving vaccines

Sanofi Pasteur is a global leader in producing vaccines that help people around the world fight more than 20 infectious diseases. Sanofi Pasteur has always rigorously pursued quality, and today uses Yammer to crowdsource innovative ideas from everyone in the company to further improve and develop vaccine production.

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Revolutionizing rail: Virgin Trains uses enterprise collaboration to drive a superior customer experience

Part of the Virgin brand, Virgin Trains is a rail company in the United Kingdom focused on delivering enjoyable, modern, and overall exceptional rail experiences. With its unique branding and lively culture, Virgin says it best: ``We'll take you to some of the UK's most iconic destinations, and we'll take you there in style.`` Virgin Trains adopted Yammer as its primary channel for companywide communications and is using it to provide better business visibility for the executives, and to boost sharing and collaboration from Firstline Workers.

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Plante Moran: Accounting firm revolutionizes collaboration with cloud file-sharing and social tools

Plante Moran prides itself on being technologically and operationally innovative. When its intranet and extranet needed a refresh, it used Microsoft 365 to rethink and revamp both environments with unique features, such as social networking. Plante Moran has doubled intranet usage, reduced the time it takes to find content and experts by 50 percent, and lowered collaboration costs by USD 600,000 annually.

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Global healthcare solutions provider fosters employee engagement and community building with Yammer

With a vision to provide smarter healthcare solutions, healthcare technology provider Cerner has a deep-rooted history in connecting information technology and healthcare. Headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, its employees span across 26 countries, facilitating change in healthcare technology around the globe.

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GlaxoSmithKline (GSK): Yammer network is helping people do more, feel better, live longer!

GSK's has one of the largest, most active Yammer networks in the world. We'll share many reusable best practices and insights collected on our journey which started in 2009. Our IT and IC partnership was a resounding success but with few complaints internal resources shifted and engagement waned. In 2017 a new CEO took the stage. IC re-engaged with IT and engagement went stellar! You don’t need a new CEO to help your network succeed, but with strategic alignment and nurturing the right culture you can create some #yammermagic

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