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MODIFIED:  January 3rd, 2019 13:51

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January 7th, 2019

Kick start the new year and your cloud migration with new SharePoint Migration Tool improvements

We’re excited to announce new improvements to the SharePoint Migration Tool for the month of January.

Designed to be used for migrations ranging from the smallest set of files to a large scale enterprise migration, the SharePoint Migration Tool will let you bring your information to the cloud and take advantage of the latest collaboration, intelligence, and security solutions with Office 365.

Improvements this month include:

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January 3rd, 2019

Migrating to Microsoft Teams using the SharePoint Migration Tool

With Microsoft Teams you can create a more open, digital environment.  Microsoft Teams is a chat-based workspace that brings together people, conversations, content and tools—creating a more open, digital environment. Threaded conversations make it easy to understand what each employee is referencing, and employees can co-author and collaborate on Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote documents without ever leaving the app.

Files are at the center of collaboration, using the SharePoint Migration Tool you can quickly and easily start taking advantage of Microsoft Teams through migrating your on-premises content to Microsoft Teams libraries and folders.  Keep reading at

The collaboration landscape has changed. Connectivity is ubiquitous and the ability to work remotely has become an ingrained part of the work practice. People have come to expect to be able to access email and documents from anywhere on any device – and for that experience to be seamless.

SharePoint and Microsoft 365 combine power and simplicity to meet your evolving business needs while ensuring ease of use for all. This balance is empowering organizations to better engage employees, teams to work together on content in new ways, and all employees to easily access and collaborate on files to get work done.  Moving to SharePoint, OneDrive, and Microsoft Teams has never been easier.  These resources share some of the capabilities available to help you accelerate your journey to the cloud.

Start your journey to the cloud

Accelerate your journey to Office 365 with the SharePoint Migration Tool from Microsoft.

The collaboration landscape has changed

When you hear digital transformation you probably think it’s a long, arduous, and expensive process – but it doesn’t have to be, with Known Folder Move, the SharePoint Migration Tool, and Microsoft FastTrack you can be up an running with Office 365 in no time.

The nature of work continues to evolve as does the technology the powers it. The path from the industrial revolution, starting with the invention of the steam engine and the rise of industrial manufacturing, successive waves of technological innovation have provided new capabilities, tools, and power to make work more efficient and productive. These have always been times of great disruption as old ways of operating became obsolete and new models of work emerged.

Adapting to change in periods of rapid technology transformation is never easy for organizations or the people who work in them. Businesses and industries are challenged to reinvent processes, develop new markets and partnerships, and invent new business models. At a personal level, people are often challenged to let go of old ways of doing things so they can learn new skills and adopt new ways of working, thinking, and being in the workplace. The companies that thrive are those that understand the forces driving change as well as their impact on people and implications for the workplace.

Know before you go with the SharePoint Migration Assessment Tool

A successful migration is knowing what you have before you go. Through understanding your content and potential problematic sites you can streamline your migration to Office 365. The SharePoint Migration Assessment Tool is a simple command line executable that scans the contents of your SharePoint farm to help identify the impact of migrating your server to SharePoint Online with Office 365.

Accelerate adoption of SharePoint, OneDrive, and Microsoft Teams with the SharePoint Migration Tool

The SharePoint Migration Tool is designed to simplify your journey to the cloud through a free, simple, and fast solution to migrate content from on-premises SharePoint sites and file shares to SharePoint, OneDrive, and Microsoft Teams in Office 365. The SharePoint Migration Tool allows you to accelerate your journey to Office 365 overcoming obstacles typically associated with migration projects. With the SharePoint Migration Tool you can evaluate and address the information that matters the most to your organization, the Libraries, Lists, and Sites that form the foundation of the SharePoint experience.

Based on the learning and experience from Microsoft FastTrack, using the SharePoint Migration Tool from Microsoft with a few simple clicks you can begin to bring your information to the cloud and take advantage of the latest collaboration, intelligence, and security solutions with Office 365.

Quickly deploy a modern desktop experience with Known Folder Move

Moving users’ files and settings to their new or refreshed PCs is a critical process.

If your users are on OneDrive or you are adding OneDrive in as part of this deployment, OneDrive “Known Folder Move” can help accelerate the deployment of a modern desktop experience. Using the cloud to synchronize user files, Known Folder Move feature provides a level of flexibility not possible with local network-based file migration options. If enabled prior to migration, it provides secure access on new or refreshed PCs and, it eliminates the need to create temporary migration stores on your own servers. It is also has the potential to be completely transparent to the user.

If you’re already using OneDrive, you will know that users can select the folders and locations they would like to sync from OneDrive or SharePoint to their device, but that effectively puts the burden on the end user to set it up. With Known Folder Move, you can target the Documents, Desktop and Pictures folders within a user profile and protect it all on OneDrive. A user can do this themselves or, importantly for this scenario, you can enforce this using Group Policy settings.

With Known Folder Move, users don’t change their workflow – everything looks the same before, during and after synchronization with OneDrive is complete. Through Group Policy you can even choose whether or not to notify users that their documents, pictures and desktop are protected in OneDrive. If you choose not to, it all happens silently in the background. The users will only be aware when they take delivery of a new PC or their PC is refreshed. As soon as they sign in to their OneDrive account, these files will be available again, and will be restored to their new PC. And of course, OneDrive means they will also their files securely at any time from their phones and other devices.

Move confidently to the cloud with Microsoft FastTrack

Microsoft FastTrack helps you deploy Microsoft cloud solutions. If eligible subscriptions to Microsoft 365, Azure, or Dynamics 365 you can use FastTrack at no additional cost for the life of your subscription.

FastTrack is a Microsoft service included in your subscription cost that provides you with a set of best practices, tools, resources, and experts committed to making your experience with the Microsoft Cloud a great one. OneDrive onboarding guidance, migration benefits, and adoption guidance are included in the benefit offering.

See how Microsoft tools help companies run their business.

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