Citrix makes the transition to Office 365 easy by optimizing networks

August 9, 2019

Citrix makes the transition to Microsoft Office 365 extremely easy with by optimizing networks through a combination of automation and simplified configuration. Citrix follows Microsoft’s recommendations for minimizing latency and improving user performance for Office 365 applications. Through API support, Citrix SD-WAN uses the published Office 365 endpoint URLs and IP addresses to enable direct routing of Internet traffic from the branches to the nearest Office 365 Front Doors. This reduces latency by providing direct and reliable connections for all branches simultaneously.

This is because Citrix SD-WAN has traffic steering and monitoring capabilities that ease policy administration and allow for detection of Office 365 traffic on the first packet while providing visibility into the flow. The ability to identify Office 365 traffic means that organizations can seamlessly handle other Internet traffic and traffic to other destinations according to their policies without having to be tightly coupled with Office 365. This ability to quickly identify key connections and treat them at the network level in accordance with business- and application-centric logic is the key differentiator of SD-WAN technology.

Why Citrix SD-WAN for Microsoft Office 365:
1. Citrix SD-WAN improves the user experience by steering of trusted, latency-sensitive traffic to the nearest Office 365 Front Door.
2. It’s easy to deploy in sites with zero-touch deployment for large enterprises with many sites.
3. It accelerates the move to hybrid cloud with policy-based routing and a library of over 4,500 apps.

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