RealFoundations is a professional services firm focused on helping companies that develop, own, operate, service, occupy or invest in real estate make smarter, more profitable decisions. RealFoundations’ (RF) focus on the capture and dissemination of knowledge enables individual practitioners to easily and quickly tap into the always-improving knowledge and capabilities of every single person who is working at the company, or has previously worked there, to deliver a better outcome for clients. They call it RF(x).

Sharing knowledge to deliver better business outcomes has been a core component of RealFoundations’ culture and today it’s enabled via Microsoft’s enterprise social network Yammer, Microsoft Teams and SWOOP Analytics.

So important is it to collaborate and share knowledge to innovate at RealFoundations, it has become a part of every employee’s bi-annual performance review. Data from SWOOP Analytics clearly shows how and when each employee has collaborated and contributed to the company’s knowledge base and this information is used as an input into performance for the review cycle.


To continue to keep ahead of competitors, RealFoundations needs to track this huge knowledge library to ensure all 400 users are contributing, accessing and updating.

That’s where SWOOP Analytics provides the answers. SWOOP immediately provides real-time data on who is connecting with whom, which teams and departments are collaborating, it shows every employee’s online behaviours, identifies influencers and assesses the levels of engagement between executives and frontline staff.


SWOOP also provides benchmarking for each department, group or individual. Twice a year, Mrs Souza runs a benchmarking report for every employee for the previous six months which is discussed at their bi-annual review.

“If you are new to RealFoundations, or if you are junior in our consulting practice, there’s this expectation, maybe you’re not posting a lot but we want to see that you’re liking things, maybe you’re asking questions,” said Mrs Souza, adding that Teams and email usage is also reviewed and discussion is often around ways knowledge would be better shared by working out loud in Yammer and Teams rather than email.

“Certainly, as you move up in your career we want more responses, more knowledge sharing, more thoughtful questions that turn into problems solved. We look at it differently at different levels, but we do look at the SWOOP personas in these reviews.” Mrs Souza said it is important there are no Broadcasters in senior groups, only Engagers or Catalysts.


RealFoundations has been recognised by SWOOP as world leader of best practices for Yammer. A sign of RealFoundations’ Yammer maturity is the fact the CEO has been able to step back from being the most influential person on the network because using Yammer is now part of the company’s everyday culture of working out loud – it’s where people work.

We’re delivering these management consulting projects to clients today and they’re saying, ‘Wait a minute, how did you answer that question so quickly?’ And in response, we are excited to have clients look over our shoulders as we work – we show them Teams and Yammer and how we can use those places to have rich conversations to solve problems with people across the globe."

- Naomi Souza

Director of Presence and Assets