Creativity and teamwork are essential to transforming business process. Most processes center on content – files and data.  Microsoft Teams is your hub for teamwork and apps in Microsoft 365.  SharePoint gives you tools to gather and manage data in lists and libraries.  Microsoft 365 provides connections to a range of third-party systems with Microsoft Flow and PowerApps. Flow lets you easily automate business processes. PowerApps lets you create great forms and mobile apps based on SharePoint files and data.

Streamlined business processes can now be delivered and integrated to Microsoft Teams, your hub for teamwork.

Transforming Business Process with Microsoft 365

Read our new white paper summarizing our business apps solutions in M365 - featuring PowerApps, Flow, lists, Forms and Power BI - with customer success scenarios such as event management and employee onboarding

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How to rapidly create business applications using SharePoint, PowerApps, and Flow

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Capture and manage business data in SharePoint Lists, Microsoft Forms or the Common Data Service


Streamline repetitive tasks and process using Microsoft Flow and Logic Apps


Create innovative custom data insights and interactions with PowerApps, Power BI and Xamarin

Case Studies

Case Study Library

Browse the full case study showcase highlighting business apps built with Microsoft 365

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Marks & Spencer streamlines companywide communication with Microsoft PowerApps and SharePoint lists

Discover how M&S Use PowerApps to distribute daily sales promotions from SharePoint to Teams users in over 1000 global locations

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NASCAR drives cloud-based efficiencies to win productivity race

See how NASCAR uses PowerApps to extend their SharePoint intranet for real-time engagement with their staff at dozens of racetracks around the world - all the way to pit row and the championship circle.

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Global professional services firm transforms digital workspace, drives seller productivity

Learn how Avanade used PowerApps and SharePoint to extend their Office 365 data to empower a global sales force

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Experience the simplicity and power of Microsoft 365 Business Apps with our self-service demos.

Custom SharePoint Lists

A demo that shows how the custom SharePoint list experience combined with Microsoft PowerApps offers advanced capabilities for discovering and editing list items.

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Cognitive Services in Office 365

Experience how easy it is to use Microsoft Flow to integrate intelligence into Office 365 with Cognitive Services and cloud AI.


Technical Library

Using SharePoint and Teams as a Modern Dashboarding Platform

Learn how to build insights and dashboards in Microsoft 365 using our Power BI capabilities

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Using SharePoint as a Data Source for Modern Reporting

SharePoint is a great organizational data store. SharePoint lists offer a quick and easy way for users to store and share millions of items, while document libraries have become the industry standard for document management, supplying secure, reliable storage. SharePoint libraries supply the backbone for document storage in all of Office 365. This white paper examines the different platforms and approaches that can be used to report on SharePoint data and explains the procedures.

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Using Power BI with Complex SharePoint Field Types

SharePoint lists supply a quick and easy way for users to store and share millions of list-based items. Text and number fields are straightforward, but complex field types in SharePoint present several challenges. Power BI provides tools to aid with these challenges, and these tools are the focus of this white paper.

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Discover more about the power of SharePoint Business Apps with our prerecorded conference sessions.

Ignite 2018: Office 365 business apps (SharePoint, PowerApps, Flow, forms): What's new and what's coming

No-code and low-code applications have been essential tools in Microsoft SharePoint for a long time, but we’ve added many other new tools to your palette. We review the roadmap and best practices in our platform for creating business apps solutions (lists, Microsoft PowerApps, forms, Microsoft Flow). We also discuss the patterns to help transform customer solutions that still remain on premises and/or in legacy tool sets like InfoPath, SharePoint Designer or Access web apps.

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SPC2018 Keynote

See the future of self service data management with SharePoint lists, as part of Jeff Teper's keynote in Las Vegas from May 2018.

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Templates and samples

Downloadable templates

Get started with our ready-to-use solutions for common business needs like event planning and budget management.

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Expense Report Templates

Add a PowerApps expense report to your SharePoint site with this downloadable template

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Help Desk Templates

With this downloadable template, you can add PowerApps to your SharePoint list for a complete self-service Help Desk app. Fab!

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Update InfoPath solutions to PowerApps

PowerApps provides a low code way to create custom solutions for SharePoint that unlock new capabilities for your business users. Extend SharePoint with PowerApps to replace your InfoPath forms today.

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Column formatting web part

Chris Kent, one of our MVPs, has released a free tool to automate generating custom column formatting scripts. Build really powerful visuals for your lists and libraries.

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Microsoft 365 Business Apps Partner Program

Get the details on the Microsoft 365 Business Apps Partner Program

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Introducing Microsoft 365 Business Apps Deployment Planning Services

Transforming operations and streamlining business process is essential to maintain your competitive advantage.  We have many great resources […]

Microsoft 365 Business Applications: announcing a new wave of Preferred Partners

Over the past year, we’ve welcomed many partners to our Microsoft 365 Business Applications partner program to help […]

Enhanced Quick Edit for SharePoint lists and libraries

If you need to streamline business processes, you need great tools to edit data in lists and libraries.  […]